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iListen Portal: Educators

The Mission Launch room allows users to learn about the research objective at each location that corresponds to the interactive theater program, "A Mission to Record the Earth." The Mission Brief button explains how the mission can be used for a science fair poster.  This is a a live demo. If you click a mission objective button, you will see the main mission goal in the control panel and trigger a video that describes the study site. If you choose to do that mission, click on the icon in the Launch to Field section of the control panel. The Mission brief describes the steps to accomplish a mission. If you click on a button in the live demo, you will leave the educators site. Select back button in browser to return.

Sonic Blaster
Mission Brief

Click a mission objective icon to get started.

Study Noise in Oceans in Hawaii


Effects of Grazing

in Mongolia


Study Biodiversity in Costa Rican Jungle



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