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 If you receive the "Congratulations, you have won!" message, claim your digital badge by using the CLICK HERE button.

Quiz: Earn Badges

After students complete the activities in a skill lab, the final task is a quiz. The quiz is five questions with answers coming from the skill movie, skill flipbook, skill iPad, or skill song meter. Students must get 4 answers correct to earn a badge. They can try as many times as they like. 

Students earn 8 skill badges before they can complete a mission.

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Missions allow a student to participate in a simulated study of a study being conducted in Costa Rica, Hawaii, or Mongolia. In Costa Rica, students explore how sound changes in the vertical structure of the rainforest. In Hawaii, students explore differences in aquatic species that are close to anthropogenic noise. And, in Mongolia, students review sounds collected at three different gradients of animal grazing. The mission results in material for a science fair poster.

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